..."No" we are not keeping the BLUE

Progress is coming along on the Coffee Shop! Our building was sealed last week and we've heard mixed emotions about the color. Some people politely ask if we are going with blue. Other's try to kindly tell us they like the new color through their teeth! Haha! The color of the sealer got so much attention, I think we will have to paint it orange next time! The blue is the tint in the sealer that goes on before the dryvit. Once the dryvit is applied it will be a nice dark brown color, hopefully fitting more the look we are going for of the warm coffee appeal.

As changes are happening to the facade of this building, the real changes and updates are what is going on inside! Furniture has been ordered. Local craftsman are working on table tops and another group is working on a brick wall. The kitchen equipment is in the works. The espresso machine is getting ready to be installed. The walk-in cooler and freezer are being built. Concrete is being poured and plans are in place to work on a little landscaping.

In addition to the physical things we can't forget about the food!!! Lots of menu prep and trials are going on to find the perfect combination of sweet and savory meals. This week we tried several scone recipes to bring out the most flavorful combinations of lemon and blueberry, cinnamon and chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate. My mom was working on some soups this week to serve for lunch. We finally perfected a monster cookies that I think will be a favorite of anyone who wants a hearty cookie as an after-school snack! Our menu is coming together and we are excited to share our creations with our community! Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to an opening date! 

Katrina ReinhardComment