So Many Exciting New Things

So where to begin!?!

Spring has brought on a lot of fun and exciting new things at the coffee shop!! It has been a busy busy last few months! May marks our 6 month anniversary at Common Grounds and what a 1/2 of a year it has been! We have been overwhelmed with support and love from old friends and new! Thank you for all the encouragement and patience as we grow together! 


We are excited to announce that May 1st brings us addition hours at the shop! We will add to our hours for our weekday openings! 6am till 5pm Wednesday thru Friday and 6am till 2pm Saturday. Our kitchen will still close up at the same time as before at 1:30pm, but our drinks, baked goods, and pies will still be available till 5pm. Thank you for growing with us as we take small steps in our continued growth. We are thankful for your patience! So just to clarify:

Wed-Fri 6am to 5pm  (lunch served from 11am-1:30pm)
Saturday 6am to 2pm (lunch served from 11am-1:30pm)


We are also offering Punch Cards for Specialty Drinks! If you purchase a medium or large specialty drink you get a punch. Once you have 10 punches, you get a free Large Specialty drink.  Drinks that apply are Espresso Drinks, Frappes, Smoothies, Chai Lattes, and Large Loose Leaf Tea Drinks. 


We have been blessed with an overwhelming amount of phone calls for pickup and orders. So many, however, that we can't keep up! In order to help us out, we ask that you place your orders online! Its a super simple system and helps us efficiently have your order ready for pickup when you need it! There is a link on our homepage as well as our menu page.  I'll include a link here as well so that you view it and see what you think! 

Due to the high amount of calls and my lack of an official administrative assistant budget, it is hard to get to calls while helping customers in our shop, so if you are able to place your order online that would be a huge help! We ask that you place your order an hour before pickup for a start and we will see how it goes.  If you have an order of more than 5 items, please place them before 10am. Thank you for your patience as we all learn how to grow this coffee shop together! Our community has been such a blessing in working with us as we all work together to improve our community coffee shop! Thank you! 


You have got to try our new lunch specials we have lined up for this summer! This week's Cinco de Mayo Specials are so much fun!!! Beef Taco Salads with pork tamales and mini tacos on the side with guacamole, salsa, sour cream, french dressing, creamy queso dip and chips! So yummy! And then add a side of strawberries and cream churros! Gotta love Cinco de Mayo! 

We also added some new selections to the menu, so be sure to check out the flatbreads and new quiches. Our menu is ever evolving to make it fun and fresh, so check out our instagram and facebook posts to see what daily specials we come up with next time! 


We decided to come up with a list of fun favorites that we know our customers like to give you an idea of some new creations you can have with our seasonal flavors! New Summer Drinks like Strawberries and Cream smoothies and Coconut Cream Pie Lattes are just some of the suggested new drinks we are offering! We will have this list available very soon. It will be located on the chalkboard menu to the left of the counter. Give us your input on your favorite drink creation!! We would love to hear from you! 

Outdoor Patio!!!

As the weather is warming up we are ecstatic about the use of the new front patio! The front patio will be lined with wooden beam timbers for seat walls surrounded by landscaping. Lordwilling in the next few weeks we will have bistro tables, chairs, and umbrellas coming to fill the space and allow for shady spots to sip coffee and enjoy the breeze while chatting with friends! We hope that you will be able to enjoy this space as much as we dream about creating it! Also stay tuned for updates about our raised garden beds coming soon! So much to be excited about as the season progresses! Thank you for sharing in our joy! 


Katrina Reinhard