Common Grounds is excited to serve premium Gobena Coffee! Gobena is fresh roasted in our community and through a partnership with Lifesong for Orphans, we are able to help orphans and vulnerable children.  Which means every purchase you make is helping change a life!  

Go Make A Difference - Gobena Coffee

We have several brewed Gobena Coffee available daily at our coffee shop and offer beans available for purchase as well. Stop by and see our display of Gobena coffee and gear while enjoying a creamy espresso drink.

Below is a list of some of the coffee we will have available:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Smooth soft mouth feel, with fruity berry and some nuttiness with a hint of sweet ripe cherry.  Light roast.

GO Blend

Blend of Central and South Americans coffees. Starts a little spicy with a full, rich creamy body and a bitter/sweet aftertaste. Dark Roast.

Organic Blend

Organic Peruvian and Organic Guatemalan coffees combine to make a smooth body with lemon and orange undertones.

Decaf GO Blend

Medium Body. Floral notes in the cup, smooth throughout with a clean finish. Medium Roast.


Roasted a tad bit longer to make it an excellent blend for all your espresso beverages as well as French press, Aeropress, or drip coffee.  Bold, with hints of carmel and a bit of spice. Dark Roast.

Guatemalan Finca Palmira Santa Rosa

Great aroma with a full, yet mellow body and a deep, bittersweet coffee flavor. Medium Roast

Sumatra Mandheling
Grown on the Volcanic Island of Sumatra in Indonesia, this coffee is known for its low acidity, smoothness, and delightful full body. This distinctive coffee is named after the island’s Mandailing people group. Enjoy the sweet syrupy body with flavor notes of baking spice, tropical fruit, and sweet herbs. Med-Dark Roast.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Costa Rica is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost coffee growing regions. This coffee is grown in the mountainous Tarrazu region. It is delightfully smooth, with a sweet and fruity aroma and taste. This is a light roast coffee with medium to high acidity.

Fair Trade Organic Peru

This Certified Fair Trade USAOrganic Peruvian coffee is roasted to bring out its exceptional full body, while retaining sweetness and some light fruity notes in the cup. Finishes with prolonged cocao notes. This is one of our favorite coffees. Medium roast.

Fair Trade Organic Honduran

Certified Fair Trade USA Organic Honduran Coffee. Great for French Press, Aeorpress, or drip coffee.  Notes are “honey, lemon brightness with a hint of chocolate”  Medium acidity and wonderfully balanced. Medium Roast.

Fair Trade Colombian

Certified Fair Trade USA Colombian Coffee. Coffee is Colombia……Colombia is Coffee. With over 500,000 coffee farmers, coffee is a way of life in Colombia. Wake up with this full bodied light roast coffee that has a slight hint of citrus and crisp, smooth flavor.


Gobena Cofee