Rain Rain Go Away... sun is always shining here

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Here at the coffee shop, we have started to notice a tradition. We are often busier on Rainy Days. Weird, right? We get to the shop and think, oh, its raining today, I bet it will be slow, and then we are pleasantly surprised with a bustling shop. We love how rainy days bring people together. Whether its the farmer patiently waiting to get into the field or the mom needing a minute to herself outside her house, we love the variety of patrons that visit us on rainy days. So, even though we may act like we want it to stop raining, we are thankful for the days when the shop is humming with friends and family supporting each other.

Days like today, however, we enjoy putting up the umbrella shades on the patio tables and feeling the breeze! The landscaping that was installed last fall is almost all up and blooming around the shop. Annual zinnas were planted by the corner and more are waiting for the ground to dry up a little before we can get them in the ground. The pots are ready to be filled as well! We do enjoy our spring!

Inside the shop we are buzzing with Mother’s Day and Graduation baking. This week we have several brunches and lunches to cater. In case you are not familiar with our processes, we can fill you in. Common Grounds sells whole pies, casseroles, quiches, pans of cinnamon rolls, muffins, scones, cookies, sticky buns, and caramel pecan rolls as well as large to-go portable carafes for coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. We ask for 48 hours advanced notice for individual baked goods and a week for larger orders. To see our selection of baked goods you can go to our Online Store and view and order right from there!

Common Grounds has also been busy renting out our community room for large groups after hours. We love being able to use our space for many purposes. The Community Room holds 25 comfortably seated at round or rectangular tables. If it is a lecture style seating, the room holds up to 40. In addition to the large white board, there is a mounted projector for digital presentations. Because of our busy days at the shop, we rent the room and/or building out after hours. If you need a space during the day we make exceptions before 11 and after 1 for smaller groups. If you would like specialty drinks from the espresso bar we do hire out our baristas per hour if they are available.

We are thankful for the Gridley and surrounding community support this spring! We look to expand our hours from 6am till 5pm this coming June. We will still serve our normal breakfast and lunch till 1:30pm and then serve drinks and baked goods from 1:30-5.

We look forward to serving you as the spring progresses!

Katrina Reinhard